KTU invites to the open lecture by the world-famous architect Massimiliano Fuksas this Thursday

Important | 2022-02-07

At the end of 2021, Lithuanian citizenship was restored to one of the most respected international architects – Massimiliano Fuksas. To celebrate this significant event to the whole Lithuanian architecture community, Kaunas University of Technology together with Studio Fuksas are organising a remote open lecture of Massimiliano Fuksas, entitled “Architecture and Innovation”. The lecture will be held on February 10 (17:00 LT, UTC+2; 16:00 IT, UTC+1) and will be followed by a panel discussion of Mr Fuksas and colleagues from the KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Mr Fuksas and his partner Doriana have been representing Studio Fuksas for 40 years carrying out more than 600 different architectural, urban and design projects around the world.

Mr Fuksas provided a brief overview of the upcoming talk: “I will speak about some innovative projects we have been developing in recent years and how the pandemic has generated a process of rethinking architecture, especially from a technological point of view. We will also reflect on the importance of multidisciplinary design and how innovation is now at the heart of human-scale architecture.”

The architect emphasises that to live in the third millennium we need to change our attitudes and reflect deeply on the changes brought about by the pandemic.

“How will the cities of the future look like? I think there will no longer be megalopolises but widespread centres, fragmented over the territory with a fast digital network and sustainable infrastructure. Innovation and research must become the starting point for growth to build a smarter and more functional architecture in which man is increasingly the centre. There is no future without innovation!” said Massimiliano Fuksas, encouraging young architects not to be afraid to explore the unknown paths with determination.

The talk of Mr Fuksas will be followed by a panel discussion with the educators from KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, including a Lithuanian National Prize awardee architect Gintaras Balčytis, professors Kęstutis Zaleckis and Andrius Jurelionis, and a lecturer Ingrida Povilaitienė. The discussion will be centred around the role of the architect and architecture in the contemporary world.

This event was initiated by the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Prof Andrius Jurelionis.

“We were very excited to learn about the reinstatement of Lithuanian citizenship to Massimiliano Fuksas, whose work both inspire and challenge us. Since then, we’ve been in touch with Studio Fuksas in planning this event, aiming to provide Mr Fuksas with a platform to address the Lithuanian audience. The lecture will be open to everyone interested, including all Lithuanian architecture schools, practising architects, and all those still in schools, dreaming about a career in architecture or civil engineering,” said the Dean of KTU FCEA.

The event is intended as a discussion, therefore, all the attendees are invited to be active, and not only just to listen, but to ask questions as well.

The open lecture of Massimiliano Fuksas will be held in English and broadcast on LRT and on https://saf.ktu.edu/.