Building Materials and Structures Research Centre

We invite you to use the Building Materials and Structures Research Center, which is accredited by the Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau to perform tests of many building materials, products and structures.

The Laboratory of Building Materials and Structures was founded in 1961 as a scientific laboratory. In 1991 The laboratory has been certified to carry out quality tests and certification of building materials and products, measurements of parameters of production processes and attestation of technological lines. 1994 This laboratory was given the status of a Research Laboratory for Building Materials and Structures and became an independent department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. 1999 The Laboratory has been accredited for carrying out tests on many building materials, products and structures by Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau.

In 2005 Building Materials and Structures Research centre was founded on the basis of the laboratory. Director of centre – Algirdas Augonis.


Building Materials and Structures Research Centre

Studentų st. 48 – 276, LT-51367 Kaunas
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  • The research center conducts research and experimental development projects related to the improvement of concrete and reinforced concrete products. Provides scientific and practical advice and prepares recommendations for manufacturing and construction companies. The results are being implemented in Lithuanian construction industry companies. The Research Center, with experts in its own right, carries out expert assessments of various constructions, provides conclusions and recommendations.
  • Since 2012 The research center evaluates the increasing self-compacting concrete properties according to LST EN 12350.8 … 12 standards. It is precisely this concrete mix that is able to fill extremely dense reinforced construction areas and form an ideal level concrete surface. It provides new design opportunities for designers and architects.
  • KTU Research Center is the only one in Lithuania to perform concrete product dilatation tests in accordance with LST EN 1338: 2003, Annex G. This allows companies to certify concrete products for the dilution classes XM1 … XM3 according to LST 1974: 2012. Also, the only one in Lithuania is testing cold concrete resistance according to the Swedish standard SS 13 72 44:2019 “Layering by cooling”. This is especially true for Lithuanian construction products exporting products to the Scandinavian countries.
  • 2016 The research center has developed and approved the method for determining alkaline corrosion of concrete “BŠK-1/2016”. This test procedure is applicable to the determination of the resistance of samples of various concrete constituents to the alkaline corrosion of concrete, which is intended for use in natural field conditions or in the presence of moisture. The process of accreditation of this test methodology is underway.

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Accredited activities

The Building Materials and Structures Research Center meets the requirements of LST EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018 and is accredited for the testing of mineral aggregates, concrete and building mortars and their accessories, masonry products, concrete environmental management elements, reinforced concrete and natural stone products and structures, wood products and sampling.

The first accreditation certificate was issued on January 1, 1999.