Open Lecture: Maris Sinka – 3D printing in construction

Maris Sinka is a leading researcher at RTU Institute of Materials and Structures and head of 3D Concrete Printing Scientific Laboratory. (
On Friday he is visiting KTU and invites everyone to an online lecture about 3D printing.
Maris fields of research are 3D concrete printing, ecological building materials, life cycle assessment. Specialized in the elaboration of new building materials with various mineral binders, material mechanical and in situ hygrothermal testing. More than 30 scientific publications, h-index 8 on Scopus. He is the author of 2 Latvian patents and a participant in more than 4 research projects in the last 5 years. Currently is working on his project “3D printed bio-based materials for application in the construction industry” and other subjects related to 3D printing.

October 22 d. 13:30


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