Shared open lecture by L. Morkūnaitė and P. Spūdys about eUMaP project experience in Cyprus


This Friday, 10 June at 1 Pm EEST, we invite to join an open lecture by PhD students Lina Morkūnaitė and Paulius Spūdys. They are participating in eUMaP project and spent some time in Cyprus, working with various tasks.

Lina Morkūnaitė will talk about an analytical model for the impact of building control and automation upgrades on energy efficiency.

During this open lecture, Lina will present her work related to the eUMaP WP6 which concerns with the creation of a methodology for secure and sustainable energy system during cases of lock-down. During her secondment in Cyprus, she has analyzed the heating systems of buildings and the influence of the availability of control measures for energy efficiency improvements in separate parts of the system. Furthermore, she has investigated the possible intervention of different combinations of control upgrades and proposed a calculation method to evaluate the energy savings gained from them to improve energy efficiency of buildings. Finally, the feasibility of the control improvements was evaluated by calculating the allowed investment with static period, ROI and discount rate parameters.


Paulius Spūdys will present about Data processing to assess the energy consumption of buildings and opportunities for improvement based on financial and energy-related KPIs

Paulius will present his work in the context of WP3 of the eUMaP project, which focuses on documenting the energy consumption of buildings, and WP5, which concerns the extraction and processing of real-time data on the use/production of energy, water, waste and telecommunication networks. During his secondment in Cyprus, Paulius analysed and worked on the development of algorithms for targeted data extraction from IFC-based BIM files. Work was also carried out on the extraction of energy-related and economic indicators to assess the potential for energy saving improvements. In addition, an analysis of the integration of the monitored data with the existing BIM platform has been carried out and potential improvements to the process have been identified.

Lecture will be organized in MS TEAMS platform – LINK to event.

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June 10 d. 13:00


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