Lithuanian startup Oxygen introduced in Denmark

Important | 2018-10-26

Lithuanian startup “Šviežias oras” introduced their innovative product OXYGEN X-Air C200 in the University Startup World Cup, which took place in Copenhagen earlier this month. The Oxygen team, whose main partner is Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), were among the finalists of the event.

Žilvinas Salialionis, the Oxygen CEO says that the start-up was founded aiming to answer the current needs of the housing market. Last year, European Union has issued recommendations to install mechanical ventilation systems in every new-built house. Flats often are not large enough to accommodate a usual ventilation device, therefore it was decided to create a compact product, which could be easily fitted even in very small premises.

OXYGEN X-Air C200 is not only visually appealing, but also efficient in energy saving terms. The special air filtering system retains even the smallest, invisible particles, and the F7 class filter traps pollen, therefore the system is suitable for people suffering from allergies.

Production of the device was launched in the beginning of 2018. More than 150 buyers of new apartments in Vilnius are currently enjoying the new recuperator. The product can be purchased in Lithuania, and the company is also actively searching for sales partners abroad.

Oxygen team

“Potential users have little information about the process of ventilation itself and heat recovery technologies. Distributors and mounters are used to working with one or several chosen manufacturers. The market also offers an abundance of poor-quality ventilation solutions, which are often chosen because of low price. OXYGEN X-Air C200 recuperator satisfies the needs of every market participant. Real estate developers are attracted by its competitive price and perfect quality, mounters – by its simple installation, and the final user – by its exceptional energy efficiency”, says Salialionis.

KTU researchers from the Faculties of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Mechanical Engineering and Design were contributing to the development of the product.

OXYGEN X-Air C200 is unique for its internal air heating element, being controlled by a specially created algorithm, which ensures continuous activity of the device, optimal energy usage and constant air flow in the temperature up to -150C.

“The company’s engineers constantly improve the developed product, and in the future, an application to manage the device via the smart phone or computer will be introduced. We are also planning to present a filter subscription service. We will remind about the necessity to replace filters for users offering them the best filtration solution depending on the season”, says Salalionis.

Although the Lithuanian team did not win the University Startup World Cup, they were able to introduce their product during the High Tech Summit, which took place at the Technical University of Denmark. The innovative device has been noticed both by the visitors of the Fair and the Jury.

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