KTU Student Scientific Conference focuses on the sustainability of construction solutions

Important | 2022-01-13

At the end of November 2021, over 30 students from Lithuania and Europe gathered at the international conference “Smart Built Environment” organized by the KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

According to Aušra Mlinkauskienė, Vice Dean for research, the conference exceeded all expectations, although initially there were some concerns about its format.

“We were impressed with the quality of students’ presentations and the work they produced. Although for many of them it was their first experience of a scientific conference, we believe that they will participate in them again. We really wanted the conference to be live, but the current epidemiological situation meant that we had to make the decision to attend remotely. However, this did open the way for students from the UK to attend more conveniently, and for students from Italy and India to join the audience,” said A. Mlinkauskienė.

Paris Fokaides, a researcher and principal investigator at the KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture from Cyprus, took this opportunity to give the presentation. He told the audience about what we can learn from the pandemic situation and remote working in Smart Cities (watch the recording here).

Architecture students were attracted by Johan De Wachter, an architect from the Netherlands who is well known to KTU architecture students. He presented examples of transformations of living environments (watch the recording here).

Gabriel Bekö from Denmark talked about how the Covid-19 virus spreads indoors and how to stop it (watch the recording here).

After hearing from the invited guests, the student presentations began. They presented their research in the fields of architecture, building structures, energy, building materials, building physics and engineering systems, construction technology and management.

After listening to all the presentations, the Scientific Committee selected the three best presentations. The records of these presentations can be viewed here:

Rasa Bielskytė-Masiokė – Vertical Gardens to Tackle the Climate Change

Justas Barauskas – Manufacturing of Lightweight Concrete

Justas Terentjevas – Thermal Physics Processes Through Window Openings

Summaries of all presentations can be found in this publication – https://www.ebooks.ktu.lt/eb/1581/student-scientific-conference-smart-built-environment-2021-book-of-extended-abstracts/