Invitation doc. Dr. M. Malakauskas name scholarships

Important | 2020-09-30
We invite students to apply for the doc. dr. Martynas Malakauskas scholarship established by Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers (LSIS) Kaunas County.
It is awarded to a student in the field of civil engineering who has studied well and actively participated in social, scientific or professional activities during his studies. The scholarship aims to encourage students to acquire the basic civil engineering knowledge and skills required to perform design, construction organization, or execution work.
Candidates are invited to send a cover letter with a short description of their activities until 2020. November 2
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Scholarship fund: EUR 300
Doc. dr. Martynas Malakauskas was born in 1932 January 25th. in Plunge. 1951 graduated from Plungė Secondary School, and in 1956. Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, majoring in civil engineering. 1964 May 8 defended his doctoral dissertation in construction engineering “Strength and deformability of concrete with re-ground sandland portland cement mixture”. From 1967 he worked as a vice-dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and from 1974 to 1992. dean of this faculty. 1992-1996 worked as the Chairman of the Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and in 1996-2013 he headed the Kaunas County Association of the Lithuanian Union of Civil Engineers and was elected Deputy Chairman of the Lithuanian Union of Civil Engineers.
The field of scientific research is the research of production technologies and properties of concrete and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures. Together with the co-authors, he has prepared textbooks “Building Materials”, “Reinforced Concrete Products Technology”, and is the author of many other methodological tools. Published a number of scientific articles in the field of concrete and reinforced concrete research. The construction rules prepared by M. Malakauskas are still used by many Lithuanian construction companies and are distributed through the Lithuanian Builders’ Association.