Exhibition “Search for Šančiai Identity”

We invite you to a 2-part exhibition “Search for Sančiai Identity” by KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture organized events – RE-TOPIA and GENIUS LOCI: urbanization and civic community (descriptions below) at the Drobė factory, on February 1 – 28.
A meeting with the curators of the exhibition and representatives of the Žemieji Šančiai community will take place on February 9 at 17.30.
RE-TOPIA – International Summer School results produced by the participants from 27 June to 1 July 2022. The exhibition presents moments of Šančiai’s identity captured by the Summer School participants – students from 19 different countries around the world, as well as Šančiai’s subjective spatial model, reflecting the individual sense of place and attitude towards the city’s lively modernity. The theme of the Summer School was “Modern World (Re)Visions: Liveable City Modernity.
The exhibits presented in the exhibition are the photos Šančiai captured by participants and a three-dimensional model of a cityscape composed as a fabric of a series of fragments/tiles, forming a grid system. In the model the central, highlighted structure represents the river and its importance to the inhabitants of Šančiai and shows how they and other elements of the environment interact with it.
GENIUS LOCI: urbanization and civic society – the project carried out by the community of Žemieji Šančiai together with its partners, results of one of the creative workshops “Experience Šančiai now” carried out during the 2022 “Šančinės” for the marking of public spaces in Šančiai, and the results of the design thinking workshop carried out at KTU Vaižgantas pro-gymnasium, 2022, “Urban architectural vision of the Šančiai district” participants’ visions.
Exhibits presented in the exhibition are mental maps of the Šančiai vision, created by members of the Šančiai community, in order to analyze and distinguish the characteristics of the Šančiai district and the unique local spirit (genius loci) and to create an urban vision of the district through participatory activities.

February 2 d., 2023 - February 28 d., 2023

Kaunas branch of the Union of Lithuanian Artists | Drobė gallery

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